Convertx Sound Distortion


The problem I’m having is the sound echoing and distorted on movies coverted through convert x not all movies just the cam type ones if I convert them through nero the sound is fine no echoing or distortion I using the latest version of convert x

Anybody got any ideas


Turn off [B][ ] Automaticly ajust sound level[/B] or set it to a small value like 3db or 5db [B]MAX[/B].

Still an issue ?

Anything above 10db will be extreme, that squale exponential.

It’s always nice to see the full log too :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your help but it was’nt a convert x problem but a dodgy scart cable on dvd player sometimes it worked fine other tmes played up found this out because a mate has the exact same model of dvd player as I have gave him the discs worked fine no problems so started an elimination process of checking cables and settings

Thanks for your help anyway