ConvertX - Save Original Menu?

I read in a 2005 post by California Girl, I believe, that ConvertXtoDVD would have an option to save a working version of the original menus off a DVD. Did this feature ever get implemented? If so, how can I use it? If not, izzit coming? I tried the “Don’t create new menu” option, but that just gives me a “no menu.” Thx - CDAzo

Hi there,

I have never converted a full PAL DVD to NTSC (or vice versa).

I don’t think you can, since ConvertXtoDVD has it’s own built in menu.

One thing to be tested, is to convert (Load [B]VIDEO_TS.IFO[/B]) and disable [B][ ] Menu[/B] in ConvertXtoDVD, if the original menu would still work :stuck_out_tongue:

cougar ii,
thanks for your quick reply.
>I have never converted a full PAL DVD to NTSC (or vice versa).
>I don’t think you can since ConvertXtoDVD has
>it’s own built in menu.
I think what you are saying is that ConvertXtoDVD will replace the existing menu with its own built in menu, which seems to be true. For other readers, you definitely can convert an entire DVD from NTSC to PAL (I have done that), with or without size reduction.
> (Load VIDEO_TS.IFO) and disable [ ] Menu
I have already tried this, and what I get is a continuous DVD with auto start, but no menu at all. Unless there is another option, it appears that the original menu gets deleted.