ConvertX Menu creation observation



If you create a DVD using 6 avi files and include a menu I’ve found that if you leave the max entries at 4, the default, when the dvd is completed and played it gives you 2 pages of entries. The entries on page one are fine and can be selected, the entries on page two are not selectable. So, be sure and set the max entries number to all the avi files you are building with or you will not be able to select entries on a 2nd page of the menu. You can go to the second page but you cannot select from there nor can you page back to the first menu.


Hi there,

I assume you are not running the latest v2.0.9 because one of the versions (I forget which) had a bug for the menus.

Download the latest, all menu pages will work !


Oops! Yep, I’m using V207 because of the audio sync mixup in V209. I backed up until that is sorted out.