ConvertX issues

My convertx was working fine, until one day it just started freezing up on me during the encoding process. I’ve un/re-installed a few times to no avail. But just now I managed to get it to spew out an error message. Hooray.
Previously it would just lock up, but I closed the preview window and now it displays the following error.
unknown output stream #0 with type -1

now I’m trying to convert a 118 minute .mkv with 2 audio streams and one subtitle stream. My only success so far was before my latest re-install it wouldn’t recognize the internal sub.

This isn’t to say though that it only froze for .mkv it does it for absolutely anything I try. Help?

Matroska is a container like .MOV and .AVI, providing support for a huge number of different video, audio and subtitles compression formats. It is not really intended for media content distribution on a large scale, which is why my guess is that ConvertXTODVD might be having a problem with it, this is a just a guess though. I would wait and see if a VSO rep reads this thread. They are always around.:iagree:

I’d think that but the program freezes up no matter what I try to convert. I even just got through uninstalling all my codecs and whatnot and it’s still doing the same thing.
Or not, a quick try with an avi after this fresh install and now it’s claiming that avi’s aren’t a supported format.


VSO released v2.2.3[U]d[/U]

If you downloaded v2.2.3 not too long ago, one of their installer packadge was some corrupted .DLL it seems.

If you wish, download v2.2.3d and install this version.

Then try again.

If it still fails, then we will need to see the conversion log.

v3.00 is due this fall, with tons of new features, and lots of bug fixes.

Well, I tried the newer version 2.2.3f or somesuch but that didn’t help my problem much either. It would allow me to load the file but during conversion I got a different error. I rolled back to the last version I know for sure worked but that’s back in the 2.2.2 era. It converted and burned the file successfully just not like I wanted. It did convert yes but the program locked up and I had to shut it down, relaunch it and tell it to burn a pre-encoded file. From what I can tell though it worked just fine though, but that’s kind of a hassle… any ideas?