ConvertX DVD Files in TMPGenc DVD Auth 3



I’m using ConvertXtoDVD (or DVD Santa Sometimes) to convert avi’s (Divx/Xvid), no problems.

However i like to put several…say…40 min avis’s (converted to DVD) on one DVD.

To do this i use TMPGenc (1.6 & 3). Neither version is happy importing the dvd files that have been output from convertx or santa.

I’ve even tried running the output through dvdshrink but tmpgenc still throws a wobbler !

Any ideas ?? :doh:

Also, any suggestions on better software apreciated. although i do like things to be as quick and easy as possible…


So are you trying to join all three files when they are still AVI files, or are you trying to do it after you have encoded them to divx/xvid?


I’m not wanting to join them, they are TV episodes, i’m trying to put…say…5 on a menu’d DVD.

All has worked well for a while but a couple when encoded with DVD santa have the audio out of sync. Instead of attempting to re-sync the audio i’ve used ConvertX to convert the avi’s to DVD format which has worked fine (i can play the dvd files in powerdvd perfectly, and, if i just drop the output from Convertx onto a dvd all of the episodes play fine, albeit without a menu.

Attempting to pul these convertx output dvd files into TMPGenc DVD Author (1.6 or 3) fail’s with a hex message 0x800…etc.

I have noticed that TMPGEnc can take the avi’s as input and convert to DVD on the fly so i’ll see how that works out.


TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 allows you to simply load the avi’s in directly, setup a menu and it will convert them to a DVD for you, it can even burn them out for you as well. All done in 1 step with one program.