convertX-custom size over 8.5G

is there a way i can make convertX to create a DVD (video_ts) over 8.5G
if convertX is not limited to 8.5G, will it compress the movie less??
so if someone can provide me a small hack so i can make convertX accept creating dvd over 8.5G
i know movies over 8.5G will not fit on a dl dvd, i’m just trying something!

so please let me know if this is possible

In the Settings>Encoding options change the “Target Size” to custom and enter a value in MB’s

the max it will allow u is 8.5G

Hi there,

ConvertXtoDVD is used to make DVD output using the DVD standards, which is either Single Layer or Double Layer, is this why it limits you to the 8.5gb (8300mb) (Dual Layer) limit.

Why would you want it bigger ?

You will have to reduce it later if you wish to burn it to a media and watch it on a TV.

My 2 cents…