ConvertX crashes

For some reason, whenever I try and convert AVI files to burn onto DVD, ConvertX seems to crash the entire system. It just freezes and has to be rebooted and the project started all over. Again today, a project got to 92.9% of the way and it crashed, after almost 2 hours. And its frustrating. Does this happen to anyone else and what could be the problem here? :confused:

Conversion is heavy on CPU and system.
Overclocking, fragmentation, dust on system, overheating are possible causes.
Then add trojans, viruses and other system problems…

Most users never suffer from that, CxD is VERY stable if your system is stable.

Our system is pretty stable, it is regularly checked with AVG anti virus etc. Also cc cleaner is run regularly. Its the only piece of software we have which causes the entire system to crash. Defragmentation - we did this the other day to free up some space as well as delete some old files. Think we have something like 25% free disc space left.

Suddenly there is huge number of users complaining about crashing.
Just makes me wonder how many copies has VSO sold lately.

Bad cracks cause system instability.

We purchased a licence for this when we tried it out and liked it. But then that was converting smaller AVI files. Anyway, I have sent VSO an email about this so will wait to hear what they have to say. :slight_smile:

On another note, out of curiousity, we have a 16.9 TV which supports PAL and NTSC (as does the DVD player). Should we be opting for 16:9 at conversion or 4:3? The files that have been converted seem stretched at the sides and that was using 16:9. :confused:

Hi there,

If I recall, if you have a 16:9 TV and you use (Force) 4:3, I think you will see the movie perfect, but square in the middle of the 16:9 TV.

When you select (Force) 16:9 and the movie is a 4:3, it will stretch the sides to fit the whole 16:9 screen.

Take 2 small movies. 1 in 4:3 and 1 in 16:9 (You will see in the logs).

Then convert both (Force) 4:3
Then convert both (Force) 16:9 and see for yourself what settings you prefer.

I have a normal 4:3 (32") TV and both 4:3 and 16:9 looks ok, but I never saw the end results on a true 16:9 TV

Man, that’s a lot of 4:3 and 16:9 numbers on there :bigsmile:

I have it on Automatic, it will choose the proper ratio based on the original.
I personally do not like to force it.

I was actually coming on here to see about this and i am glad i am not the only one. I have noticed that projects where you are converting AVI which say that are larger than 2.0GB on the disk make the program crash…

I thought it was a CPu thing so i reformatted my comp, and when it came back i just installed Convertx. No drivers no programs just this. Tried another AVI which was 645MB real size and COnverx told me 1.56GB on disk. It worked fine.

I restated and used a 756MB AVI which read 2.12GB on disk and that baby crashed.

I think this proggie is one of my favorite for converssions…

A update to fix the converssion issue?

hopefully??? :bow:

Hi there,

Maybe the issue is not the size of the file, but the way it’s encoded.

[B]THIS[/B] file causes the crash ?

I have converted hundreds of files that fill DVD. (4.3GB)
Single files being from few hundred KB to several GB.
No problems.

So it is not general problem with filesize.

JJ, these files you converted where they avi. files?

There has to be some key element here that is causing this. I went online and found other forums where peeps where having a hard time converting AVI in this proggie?

Maybe its just our system like you stated, but i just reformatted so my system is relativly clean and i have tried various files incase one of the files where currupted, etc…

also i have to give credit where credit is due… This doesnt happen everytime… just converted last night a AVI with subs that was 3gb and that baby went through smooth

Hi there,

.AVI is not a video format, it’s just a container, like a box, we have no idea what is in the box.

[B]Without the full conversion log[/B], we can’t tell what video codec (video standard) was used for the video stream inside the .avi

And as mentioned above, maybe [B]this[/B] file has something wrong in it, which would cause ConvertXtoDVD to choke/crash :doh:

My 2 cents worth…

90% of my files are avi. Some are mpg, some mov and some other formats.

As said above - AVI is container, and there can be huge amount of different combinations of audio and video encoding inside avi.

That is what MOST users are experiencing. Smooth no-hassle conversion.

new update… hope it helps me !

VSO CONVERTX UNINSTALL program will place SPYWARE on your computer. Check it for yourself with PCCillin or similar spy detector. Just a heads up. If anyone knows how I can fully uninstall it without infecting my computer please let me know.

PcCillin maybe your SPyware :bigsmile: Hahahaha !

I have SpySweeper, Symantec AntiVirus Corp Edition, and never had an issue over the years.

Please provide more info:

PcCillin version, and what spyware did it say it was ?

So VSO Software can investigate this false alarm !

VSO Software are [B]CLEAN[/B] software !

Their burn engine will connect to their server to send burn stats if you [B][X] Enable it[/B] and that’s it :iagree:

Thats what you get for installing cracked apps.

I fix computers for living and I have never encountered any spyware on VSO products. And I have installed and uninstalled them a lot while testing.

No Sir, It wasn’t a cracked app. Downloaded it from VSO direct.

PCcillin flagged it up as spyware during a routine scan and quarantined it. Having read yours and others’ remarks I reinstalled the file back into the original VSO directory. Performed another scan and this time, strangely enough, PCcillin found NOTHING !

I’ve since uninstalled PCcillin because the trial period had expired so that’s effectively the end of that. I hope ! I don’t Have the time to follow this matter through with either software producer but perhaps someone else can.

Thanks for your advice and comments. I’ll check this thread again for any new info.


I reinstalled the file back into the original VSO directory. Performed another scan and this time, strangely enough, PCcillin found NOTHING !

Where was it installed ?

[B]D:[/B]\Program Files\VSO ?

or C:\Somewhere Else ?

Those are crutial informations if VSO wants to reproduce the problem !

Thanks for the extra info !

I’ve had the same problems with convertX after 8months of use(avi 700mb to 2.7gig dvd) assumed it was the program or another driver conflict and reformatted the hdd and still no luck.

Solution: Make sure your computer components are dust free. I ended up taking out my RAM stick out along with quite a bit of dust . After I cleaned and put it in a different slot everything seems to be running smoothly once again.

Hope this helps.