Convertx and dual core

Hi there,
I love vso converx to dvd (9.09.119 I think). Its reliable and easy to use.

I recently upgraded from an athlon 3200+ to a 3800+x2 in the hope of faster encodes and being able to use p.c. during encode.

Is convertX multithreaded (i notice that 50% cpu is used only) and I have a slower fps conversion than before.

Do you think its a utilisation problem? (im not using cool n quiet so havent applied the dual core patch)

Is it still not a good idea to encode and use p.c. even with a dual core?

Thanks for thoughts


ConvertX is not optimized for DualCore at the moment. That’s something what is planned for the future.
With DualCore you should be able to use your PC while enconding…

Try installing the various dual core patches (IIRC, there is one from AMD and one from Microsoft). The problem is the Windows XP scheduler tends to constantly ping pong single threaded tasks from one core to the other. Ms will eventually fix this in a service patch, but as they are falling behind on Vista and want people to buy that instead, they have delayed SP3 for XP for who knows how long.

Your other choice is to manually force affinity to a single core and see if that improves things.

Thanks heaps :flower:

ask and you shall revieve

Ill install those patches and keep an eye out for new vso

i have installed convertxtodvd but when i go to open it my moniter goes black and what ever is on moniter goes off why would this happen