ConvertToDVD or ConvertXToDVD

Hey guys.
I am inquiring as to what is the better program to burn avi, xvid, mov etc to dvd.
I have used convertxtodvd for 2 dvds but i just got converttodvd and i see that they do it aswell ??

Also is the converttodvd good for data or should i just use nero.

Hi there,

For burning Data, Audio CD, VideoDVD, use VSO CopyToDVD v4.00

ConvertXtoDVD will only permit you to burn VideoDVD.

how does converttodvd compare to nero ?

I need help with the problem when converting certain downloaded items like files that a TS sound the pitcher is clear but the sound comes out distorted and I can’t figure out why this only happens once in awhile but it’s always on the best quality ones. Someone told me it could be that it’s only recording one channel or something like can anyone please help?