Is there any program that allows you to change wav. files to mp3 and vice-versa? I saw something like that for MAC, looking for it in Win. Or can this be done directly from the op system? Thanks! :wink:


To do that I use virtuosa, but it’s a bit old.


From MP3 to WAV is EZ. You can already do that with WinAmp. Just goto options–>preferences–>plugins–>output–>now select the Nullsoft waveout plugin. Now when u play the MP3, winamp will write a WAV into a directory u specified.

From WAV to MP3 is just as EZ. But u gotta have an encoder. I use Xing MP3 encoder.

It is also possible to to it with the Windows soundrecorder. You gotta get the MP3 codecs and stuff from the Internet, and then u can easily save MP3s as WAVs and vice versa. Tip: for MP3 music is 128 the ideal bitrate.



I must be old fashioned , I used CDH MediaWizard…I use it for a batch setup(tons of songs at one time and its cued up to run over night and then later the next day(I start cutting cd’s)


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I must be old fashioned
Same here :wink: I’m using LAME which isn’t that old but is has no proper GUI (at least none that I know of) and it uses MS-DOS (command-line based)… But it works great though :slight_smile:


I myself recently asked the same question about 4or 5 weeks ago. If you look back through the general section of this forum for best audio grabber poll you will find lots of helpful advice that I was given, and a good selection of programs that you can use for this purpose. Audiograbber, Audio Catalyst Etc… I found one of the better ones to be easy cd extractor, if you struggle finding this software let me know I can e-mail it to you, they are not very large.


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… and more great audiotools overhere!


Excellent site thanks Wookie


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… and more great audiotools overhere!

What about VideoConverter?
i.e. avi -> mpg -> mov -> dat -> mpeg -> vice versa?


I use MusicMatch!!!
its really good, i can organise all my music on it!