First off i want to thank every1 who helps people out. I’ve been coming here for a few weeks now and have got several questions answered, so thanks!

Here’s my question i am not sure when to convert. I have DVD Fab 5 Plat. to decode the dvd. Then the video_ts file goes to VOB Blanker to shrink the file ( i believe that is what it does). Then this is were i start to get lost.

Would i then convert, (with avs video converter 6) then recode with (nero 8) or what? I would appreciate the help!

DVD Fab Plat rips,and backups the DVD to DVD-5 size disc(it will shrink/compress it), no need to use VobBlanker…What do you wish to convert DVD to?.. DVDfab should be able to, do-it-all , for you…

I don’t have a dvd burner, so i was wanting to convert it as avi, with and put on a 700mb cd.

You could do it with FAB Plat…Choose the 'DVD to Mobile 'feature, Generic mode…

How do i do it im trying to do it right now, I got the generic mode, then main movie…but how do i make to fit a 700mb disc though?

I went to next after that screen, then to conversion settings. Then i seen an option of fixed file size, and it went down to 700mb… Is this correct so far?..Then after this step is done, then how would i go about putting it on the disc. Use nero 8?

Yes,after it’s on your HDD, you could use Ner0 to burn it, if you like…

I had a problem doing this, i set the fixed file size to 700, and when it finished it said it was 725, kinda defeated the purpose, any idea on what i did wrong?

Is it because of the subtitles, and if it is, is there a way i can do away with the subtitles?