I had some movies put together to burn with my DivX player and I went to import the files, while I was selecting the file I thought I would change the name of the file, and somehow managed to change the file from a video clip to a file…not sure how to change it back but my player is not even reconizing it (probably because its not a video clip anymore) any suggestions? :confused:


DivX is usually in an AVI container, copy the files back to your HD, go to rename them, except this time rename them like in my example. Except for whatever name you want! example.avi

What you did was simple, you took the file extension away, and the player doesn’t recognize it, put the extension back in the file name, and it should work! Post back and let me know if that worked!


Do you remember the file extension? If not try “.div” after the file name and see if it works. Welcome to the forum, let us know how it goes.