Converting .wmv files to dvd format




I have some very rare a/v stream footage of my t’ai chi teacher’s grand master while he was still alive that was sent to me recently. the format that it was sent was .wmv, or media player format. microsoft does not have software that will process it’s own media into a dvd format, but 3rd parties this through Sonic MY DVD5 —at $150 cost.

are there any other and more affordable programs out there that will do the same job with ease of use that anyone can recommend? thank you in advance. john


Try Ulead DVD Movie Factory. You can get a trial version from their website ( ). It’s not brilliant but it ain’t bad either.



much appreciated. about the only other converter software i’ve run across is by WIN Avi. are you familiar with this converter? thanks john


a simple program called dvdsanta avi rm wmv quicktime



many thanks! will try.