Converting Wide Screen to Full Screen Help using DVDFAB Platinum

Hey guys, I have searched and searched regarding the question “Converting a Wide Screen formatted movie to Full Screen using DVDFAB Platinum” and I have only found a few posts that didn’t really answer my question.

I am dedicated to finding the answer to this and I am very detailed so anything that anyone needs to know more information about I can supply that for them. I will include screen shots to help with explaining where I am having problems at. I will also post a link where it says you can do this using the DVDFAB Platinum software.

I am simply ripping these movies that I have purchased to play through my XBox 360 via a 1TB external Hard Drive. It is working excellent except for a few Wide Screen formatted movies that I have. Here is the link regarding the review where it says you can do this and a detailed screenshot should be below to show the section I am referring to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

I found a link that may have answered part of my question.

I am still curious as to why it says 4:3 in the program when I KNOW for a fact it is Widescreen 16:9.

Maybe because the Protection Screens (FBI Warnings, Copyrights… etc.) at the beginning are 4:3???