Converting WAV to AC3 w/ AC3Enc Tutorial has been posted

I have just posted a small and simple guide to the use of AC3Enc to convert a WAV file to a fully compliant AC3 file, usefull when converting an AVI to a DVDR. AC3Enc come with Sonic Scenarist and is very similar to Sonics SoftEncode.

Check it out at

So what if the framerate needs to be altered in the case of ntsc->pal etc?

Use BeSweet or what ever to do any conversions prior to the final AC3 conversion, I Use GoldWave to do any 44.1 to 48 khz resampling, thats never a problem. If I use Maestro to author, it does a ntsc to pal sync if also needed, but BeSweet can this so simply anyway.