Converting VOB files with DVDFab

I would like to know whether it is possible to use DVDFab 5 (mobile option) to convert VOB files to any format that is currently supported when converting from DVD disc.

Should be able to open them by selecting folder they are in as the source

Jethro, hi

I tried, but it doesn’t load the VOB files. It goes back to stating that one needs to insert a DVD or open the DVD folder that contains the image files.

The version of DVDFab that I’m using is which is the latest. Any other ideas?


DVDFab depends on input files being DVD-Video compliant, that is it can only open DVD Sources, not individual VOB files. The Mobile option will convert [B]Titles[/B] from any DVD Source to any of the supported output types. VideoFab may be able to convert the VOB files for you, but they may contain content from more than a single title. It has a free trial.


Thanks I’ll give it a go.