Converting Video TS to AVI



Hey hey,

I want to backup my DVDs using as few blank discs as possible - disc storage in our house is beginning to get out of hand! With this in mind, is it possible to convert video ts to avi? I’ve seen feature length movies compressed to 700mb and still keep excellent video and audio quality, but I’ve no idea how it’s done! This solution would be ideal, letting me back up several of my DVDs to one disc.

All advice will be very gratefully accepted! :slight_smile:


This method works very well and is free:
Use ProjectX to convert .ts to MPEG2 (M2P) file. Then use VirtualDub MPEG2 to convert to xvid or divx (remember to install necessary codecs). VirtualDub is nice as you can set brightness, contrast, cropping with it’s video filters.

VirualDUB MPEG2:


I like using AutoGK myself. It’s an all-in-one solution and is very easy to use. The only thing you have to do outside of AutoGK is to actually rip the DVD to your hard drive.