Converting Video for my Lappy, PSP, & iphone

I’m looking for a good reccomendation for a format to go with. I like having video on my iphone, but on trips I’d rather use my laptop to watch the videos so I have a slightly bigger screen.(doesn’t need to be full laptop screen, just bigger) I plan on putting my whole collection of Family guy, Hogans Hero’s etc on my computer, and then if room permits at least my family guy collection on my iphone.

I obviously want H.264, but iphone uses the M4V ext, where as my lappy uses anything, and psp only uses MP4. Can I just rip the whole collection to my computers HD in MP4 H.264, and then whatever I load up on my iphone just let itunes convert it to M4V? I am assuming itunes won’t convert the actual file, but make a copy to M4V ext only when it needs to go on my iphone? I don’t have a enough space for itunes to have its own copy of the same movie on my hard drive, which is stupid anyway. Will any of my MP4 files show up in my itunes video library if they are MP4? That would work fine to me if it did, and then make a copy converted that goes directly on to my iphone. I’d like to view them through itunes to make it easier to pick and choose which ones to put on my phone, and to watch on lappy with quicktime.

I suppose I could just let dvdfab make them all in M4V format and have to find a program to convert back to MP4 for my PSP. Sorry if this souns long or complicated. I’d just like the best of both worlds. I don’t care about viewing on my TV, well maybe my small 32" next to my bar I’m building.

So far with my testing of bitrates, the larger ipod screen resolution(think the 480X??? setting) doesn’t look to bad on my lappy using quicktime with 500 kbps. I tried 600, 8000, and 1000 with no real difference. At least no real difference in a cartoon like Family Guy anyway.

I just finished 130gb of my music collection this past summer, talk about all the studying up I did on that before I went through the process of ripping all my cd’s. I even burnt up a cdrw drive LOL.

Any thought or suggestions? TIA!

You should be ok with MP4 format. I believe that iTunes supports MP4 and is just erroneously using M4V as an extension. See the last point in this wikipedia section:

You should also look at the H264 profile and level. These determine the kinds of encoding options your device can support. Generally, the higher the profile and level the more work the device has to do to encode/decode and the smaller the file size (or more detail that can fit in the same file size). You will want to research what would be the best profile and level based on the limitations of your specific versions of the iPod and PSP.

Once you have determined the correct profile and level then create a custom profile and hand edit the XML near the end (the current profile editor beta doesn’t allow edit of profile and level). Here is that section from one of the PSP profiles:

<vcodec name=“h264”>
<generic profile=“1” level=“21” />

Here’s a comment I found in another profile that may help:

<!-- profile( baseline=0, main=1, high=2) -->

The level value for DVDFab just has the decimal removed (i.e. level=“21” is level 2.1).

More on profile and level can be found here:

I know it only changes the ext, but once thats done, I’d have to rechange it back again for every movie I want to put on my PSP. Where itunes automatically applies their own ext before it gets imported to the iphone. I’ll take a look at the other stuff that you posted too.


I convert my video files with the iPod H.264 option. I have an iPod nano, so use the 320 x something option, since the screen has a pixel width of 320. Files output are of the M4V extension.

These file extensions run fine on the PSP with no changes, but that’s running the latest 4.0 firmware. The PSP is 480 pixels wide, but I still get good results with the 320 x option. I guess I could encode all files with 480 wide, as the iPod would still play them (and they would probably look better on the PSP) but the file size is smaller, which is a bonus on both the iPod and PSP.

As for playing on the computer, I use Quicktime. Full screen is noticeably bad, but 1/4 screen size is quite OK.

For a 90 minute movie, file size is around 580MB. I use the 2-pass conversion option, as I find it gives a much better picture.

Hope this helps.

Ya, Ive went to 2 pass conversion also. I’m converting mine in the iphone preset with the very newest beta thats out which seems to be doing pretty good.

I am converting my family guy episodes @ 400kbps with good results. Avg 64mb file size which is nice. On the iphone they look great, and on my 56" Samsung DLP they look pretty damn good also. My Samsung must do a much better job at upconverting than my 32" Westinghouse LCD thats in our bedroom because when I hook it up to the the Westinghouse it looks nice/ok, but not nearly as good as our DLP in the living room.

Once I get done with some lower bitrate/quality vid’s for the iphone’s that my fiance and I have, I’d like to start doing some much larger files(higher quality) for our house. I’d like to setup a nice deal in our house where we can stream videos to a couple tv’s in the house(espescially one by the home bar I am going to build). So I will need to see what the best format and file size that will work out for us. I’d rather not burn a bunch of episodes on to a dvd. I think it would be much better to just stream the video’s wired/wirelessly through out the house.

I’ll have to look in to apple tv, divx, xvid, avi etc, or maybe just leave it all in .M4V format even.