Converting video files

How do I convert my .ogm and .mkv files to avi and keep the subtitles?

Is there a cheap way of doing this? Can nero do it O_O?

I don’t use Nero so I don’t know if it will work. Here are three freeware programs that you can try: FormatFactory, Avidemux, Super.

Thanks I managed to convert one to and mp4 but when I tried to play it on my psp and ipod it wouldnt work.

I also have another file with and .mkv extension with dual languages and subtitles, how do I convert to avi. or mp4 and keep the English language?

Are the subtitles an extra file or embedded in the mkv and ogm files?


well I think there embedded since I have to go to the options to turn them on and they don’t come in a separate file.

Also after converting my .ogm file to .mp4 they didnt work on my psp :frowning:

If the file has more than 1 language you can bet they were not embedded. :slight_smile:
Use MKVExtract

So how do I turn it into .mp4 and keep the english language O_O

Which conversion program/s have you tried? If you used MKVExtract what files do you have after extraction?

Hey, Fielong, are you still trying to convert any videos? If so, then try XMedia-Recode. It will allow you to choose which audio/video/subtitle tracks you convert, and how you want to convert them. I’m sure it has a “profile” for PSP, meaning that you can use its default PSP conversion settings without problems. Just make sure to set the “subtitle mode” to “render”, which will make the subs a permanant part of the video stream.

thanks guys