Converting video clips to dvd format



Having problems-downloaded 12 MPEG-movie clips via Y/Tube downloader,through Kyotesoft,recommended by Y/Tube downloader,successfully burnt them to new DVD.All 12 titles showed on TV screen, clicked track no.1, it then played about 1 minute and went into TVmode and the rest suffered the same fate. Tested it on my computer and the same thing happened. The tracks in question are all musical ones if that makes a difference. Have e-mailed Kyotesoft-don’t think they want to reply.
Can all you good guys out there help me again?Thanks.


Did you try DVDFlick ?


There are a couple of programs most recommended around here for this. They are DVDFlick and AVStoDVD. Both will let you make a menu to select the individual videos.


Will give DVDflick a go. Cheers.


Don’t even know how this part of the site works so if I’m repeating myself-sorry.
Will give DVDflick a go. Cheers.