Converting VHS to DVD

I have some home movies on PAL VHS that I would like to convert to DVD but I have never done anything like it. I don’t even know what software I need.
Can someone please help me and take me step by step.
I have read on these forums that you have to convert the VHS to Mpeg2 before you burn the DVD. Is that right?
So, I plug to the VCR into the computer and then what?
Sorry to be so green.

I will answer this and hopefully get some sleep (I’m in England and I haven’t slept)

You can put any video material on your computer whether it’s from a VHS or DVD player. With a VHS it will have to be (in most cases) done by anologue connection.

If your Video machine has a video output or a S-Video output you connect it (with a cable) from your machine to a ‘Capture card’ which you will have to buy from somewhere like

Software should come with it. I am embarking on doing this soon but what I do know is that one of the best capture cards and software bundles is Studio Deluxe V8. Buy it!

Please reply if you need to know anything else

Regards. Dando


Also DVD’s use MPEG2 compression but the capture card I am referring to has hardware/software which will do this for you. If not then do a search on google for an application that will like AVItoDVD etc.

Then of course you’ll need something that puts the mpeg2 movie onto DVD and I think that capture cards software does even that too!

Then you’ll need a DVD writer, without one what was you expecting? Or you could put it onto CD with a compression like SVCD (you will need an application to create a SVCD CD) but bare in mind that a great number of DVD players will not play this format.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll try as suggested. I’ll let you know if I get into strife.

How do I put chapters in my DVD so that it will move to the next scene when you press “next”

Sorry, like I say I have not done it yet but the software I have suggested is one of the most high tech out there and even if you can’t get that there is bound to be an an app out there, just search google.