Converting VHS to DVD

Hi Everyone

I am in the process of converting my collection of VHS tapes to DVD. First process is to capture the videos into Mpeg2 format, then to create the DVD. I have run into several problems so far, first some back ground info.

Captured video using Asus Digital VCR directly to Mpeg2, image looks great. Average size is around 2.2 gigs per episode. I would like to place four episodes per DVD therefore when I go to create the DVD using Nero 6.03.2 (assuming Nero will recode the Mpeg2 files to fit onto one 4.5gig DVD) Every thing goes good until it starts to recode. Nero states it will take approx 3.5 hours to complete but after about 1 hour it stops and shuts down. No error message, No files nothing created. I spent the better part of a day playing with various configurations but each time Nero simply shuts down after varying amounts of time.
I then tried My Sonic DVD, but it will not allow files which are greater then the 4.5 gigs, and it will not allow me to burn to an image on the hard drive for testing.

I then took one of the Mpeg2 files and used Nero to recompile it (thinking that Nero and Asus formats are not that compatible). Nero took over an hour to recode one episode and the sound was way out of wack, did not match the video several sec. Delay.
I tried to use Nero to capture the video but after about 30 min. it starts to drop frames (100’s of frames). I know it is not my system since I a able to capture gigs and gigs of video from other programs with no dropped frames. Also the Mpeg2 files created by Nero had a audio sync problems (once again several sec delay)

I have now resorted to using Virtual VCR to capture AVI files but now I have introduced yet another process not to mention Hugh files 42+ gigs which have to be recode to Mpeg2 which can take a very long time.

Does anyone know of an easier way to convert VHS tapes to DVD?

System Spec:
P4 2.4 gig
mb - Asus P4S8X with 1 gig DDR 2700 ram
video card - Asus FX 5200 video suite
HD 40 and dual 80 gig
DVD Dual format +/–

If your captured them to MPEG2 then they are MPEG2, not some Asus type file. Try capturing at a lower bit-rate (like 1/2 of what your using) as 4 x 2.2 gig = 8.8gig and wouldnt even fit to a Dual Layer DVD. using Nero (or Recode) to reduce the 8.8gig down to 4.37 to fit to a DVDR would result in very poor quality as well.

Or better still, just put 2 eps per DVDR and there will be very little quality loss from what you see now.

Thanks ChickenMan

I am not sure what the problem is with the software I am using, I tried using only two episodes, but Nero still crashed. I did how ever managed to get great results with Virtual VCR then recode to Mpeg2 using Vegas Video 3. I did two tests one using default SVCD encoding which produced a 807 meg file. the second I used a custom DVD Square block format with VBR which produced a 1.4 gig file. the Custom encoding produced the best result (Dam near perfect). I also tried using Nero to encode the raw AVI, but I liked Vegas Video better, both software would take approx 2.5 hrs to encode the AVI file. Each episode is 50 min. long and yes you are right for best results only have two per dvd.
Not sure but when I created the DVD using Nero, selected the two files (807 + 1.4 = 2.207 gigs) Nero stated it would take almost the full 4 gigs, . Indeed when I looked at the files on the hard drive after Nero created the DVD files, total size is 4.13 gigs. Am I missing something? I thought that DVD used Mpeg2 as is. (Note: the menu file is only 1 meg).

I still have a lot to learn on creating DVDs. Thanks for your input.