Converting VHS to DVD (Poor Quality)

I’m new to video conversion but I’ve done alot of research and invested alot of money and I’m still not able to get very good results. I’ve built a 3.0 Gig P4 with ATI 9600 AIW Pro, I’ve also bought a canon optura 40 digital camcorder.(tried to convert with both). My problem is distortion on the bottom 5% of the captured video. It looks like a tracking problem with the VCR but I’ve tried 3 different older VCR’s and 1 new Sanyo (Wal-Mart) specail. Is there a better VCR, I’ve concidered buying a JVC with S-Video but I’ve been told that since the original tapes are normal VHS that it wouldn’t make any difference. Any Ideas???

Are these VHS tapes ones you recorded? If not, you may be getting intentional errors caused by macrovision. Major studios add this to prevent copying.

Check out for excellent help with capturing on your AIW card.

Check your video capture settings, sometimes there are settings for video such as “Interlaced” and “Non-Interlaced”. These settings can cause video distortion.

you mat also want to check out, their forums are read by the techs from Ati. if you can’t rid of the distortion from the video you can crop it out using tmpgenc after you’ve converted your avi to mpg

Hey Kevin…

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Take a look here for the S-Video explanations
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Read carefully the general description.