Converting VHS Tapes to DVD

Hi Guys,

Could someone recommend a good Software programme or maybe an Interface to Copy from a VHS Player to my Computer for burning to DVD.

Have DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink.

Have Dvicio HDTV Card with Analogue input.

All help appreciated. :confused: :confused:

There is a lot about this on this and other forums like [I][/I]
But to be brief, you do not need Decryptor or Shrink, you will need editing and DVD authoring software.
Both of these, at least basic versions, usualy come with capture card, check that first.
If you have NERO or ROXIO you should be able to do what you want.
Personally I use TMPGEnc Xpress for editing and DVD file formatting , than DVD Lab for DVD authoring, Nero for burning.
There are other softwares to do the job.
Lots of people recommend to get DVD VHS combo recorder, they are not that expensive any more and produce a DVD you can edit with Shrink.