Converting VHS-8MM-DVD

Is this an acceptable way to convert a VHS movie onto a DVD? I thought that I would play the VHS on the VHS player w/my 8mm camcorder hooked to the outputs on the VHS player, then hook my 8mm camcorder to pc, and copy using, whatever software that I can find to use. I have Ulead Video Studio 8, & I also use AVS Video Converter, and also have DVDx. Not sure any of these programs will let me copy the whole hour to two or not. If not, what programs are out there, that are shareware or trial ware that I could use? Thanks for the help.

Actually I just tried it, and my camcorder won’t let me copy it from the VCR, because it detected and copyright signal. I guess that’s that.

Keep in mind that old tapes have a tendency to get extremely soft and you can’t really filter it out.
Here’s a sample from an old vhs-c tape (about 6 years ago).

old vhs tapes don’t have a tendency to get soft after some periods of time.
i have 16 years old tapes that look same as the day i recorded them. (off-the-air vhs recordings)

but some camcorders probably had a tendency to record video of crappy quality, yeah.

try this thread it really helped me. CINDI :slight_smile: