Converting VCD to DVD

Hi !

I've copied a few VCD *.dat to my harddisk and I want to create a DVD from them.  While the *.dat files were smaller than 4.7GB, the resultant DVD exceeded 4.7GB and I was not able to fit them into the DVD.

I wonder why the conversion by Nero caused it to be bigger than original even though I select the lower quality.

If there anyway, I can fit them all in ?

What is the best way to convert to DVD from VCD ?

Thanks very much.

If you are using Windows to determine the size of the files, then you don’t want go over 4.35 GB.

  1. Do you want to convert the files to DVD-Video format? 2.Or do you just want to play the collection of files on a DVD with your standalone player?

If 2., then I would just change the extension from .dat to .mpg or .avi and burn them to DVD as data. Then just put the disc in your player and navigate to the file you want to play. A DVD+RW is a good way to test things before actually burning to DVD+R or DVD-R.

If 1. , converting to DVD-Video format won’t give you any better quality but the size will increase, (which is why I recommend 2. above.)

I’m for option 2. But why does the size increase ? I’m curious. It increases even though I set to the least quality ? Any rule of thumb how much it would increase ?

I believe this is because the minimum bit rate for dvd-video is about 3 MBit/s which is higher than the maximum for VCD.

I’ve seen others who has manage to squeeze many VCDs into a DVD without much visual quality degradation.

Any idea how that can be achieved ?