Converting unknown MPEGs/AVIs to DVD

My friend has around 9 files of mpegs and avi’s (80-200mbs) but he doesn’t remember what format he encoded it in. So I was wondering how am I going to burn this to a dvd+rw to play in my dvd player (plays dvd+rw) with chapters. It plays in wmp9 and videolan. Is there a program that will tell me what the files were encoded into? Is there something that will let me just burn it onto a dvd and it will play? I have nero ultra but can’t find the convert to mpeg 2. I heard it all has to be in mpeg 2 format to play in most dvd players. Thankx.

I don’t thing that this is a question for this forum, but since you are here:

You will get a lot of help about it in here.

You can not have avi’s on the dvd directly. They must be encoded to mpeg2 using any encoder. The audio and video on the dvd are MUXed a special way and you need an authoring program.

you can use TMPG Encoder to reencode them into svcd or vcd and then burn them as data dvd all. this will work.

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Get hold of GSPOT, and load the AVI’s and MPEG’s in (one at atime :D) and it will tell you what they are. As for the AVI, they MUST be converted to an mpeg, mpeg2 being best. If the mpegs you have are older VCD or SVCD mpegs, then these may be able to be authored to DVDR without video conversion, just a simple audio conversion. Read in the Tutorial section for all the guides on authoring VCD/SVCD and for converting AVI’s to DVDR.

If you have Nero 6 try stacking them all in Nero Vision Express, you don’t have to know what they are. It will take almost anything, you can them merge them and create chapters if you like. See if the end result suites your needs.

some apps like nero will let you drop multiple formats and convert them to SVCD or DVD ready mpegs.