Converting TV Shows to DivX or XviD

Hi Everyone,
I was wondering if anyone knew of a way converting my TV shows off DVD to DivX or XviD files. I know that most TV shows are available to download off the net as 350MB files in either format, but for download limit reasons, i don’t really want to download them, so I wanted to know if anyone had a way of converting my box sets into 350 MB DivX/XviD files like those on the net. I have tried MediaCoder, but it crashes on all my computers, and also CloneDVD mobile, but that doesn’t offer two-pass encoding, and is wildly innacurrate with it’s target sizes, not to mention not offering custom resolutions. Thanks for any help.

AutoGT would be a good start -

Thank You. While not quite as quick as CloneDVDmobile, AutoGK does the job perfectly.