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I am copying a wedding dvd for a friend that is going to Italy not Asia. He said that it had to be converted to PAL for his parents to view it. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to do that.
Thanks Bill


Converting a DVD from one format to the other (NTSC/PAL) is a pretty major undertaking and will involve re-encoding the video and re-authoring the DVD itself. You’ll lose things like menus (and will have to create new ones). Since the experience of the DVD might be significantly altered as a result of this, you should check with your friend to see if his parents’ DVD player and/or TV support NTSC. If the TV supports NTSC, it would be easier for you if his parents just got a new DVD player that supports both formats (from what I understand, there are also DVD players that will convert NTSC to PAL on the fly).


I have a similar problem, I just had a DVD made of old cine films, I want to send a copy to my brother in England, so making it region free will not make it play on his DVD player in England? I have some DVDs from England that I can watch on my portable DVD player, which is region free and on one of my DVD players hooked up to my TV, which I can make region free by going into the menu and pressing 3 buttons on the remote. However I copied a British DVD last night but it would not play on my DVD player. What am I missing here, a PAL region 2 DVD will play on a region free DVD player here, but a region free DVD will not play on a region 1 DVD player. I assume it has something to do with PAL / NTSC, but I am not sure, can you help me either understand the problems and or help me make a copy of a DVD so I can send it to my brother so he can watch it and help me make a copy of a PAL region 2 DVD which will play on any DVD player here in the US?


Try using Blaze Media Pro. I converted PAL-NTSC Reg1 using this.


You may want to read the following:;41