Converting to DivX

Guys, I’m new on this forum and I’ve just purchased a copy of DVDFab Platinum. (kudos to the authors! :clap: )
My main question is quite simple… I hope:

How can I convert a DVD to an AVI using DivX codec instead of XviD?
Using the Generic under “DVD to Mobile” option, offers me only the following options:
generic.avi.xvid.audiocopy, generic.avi.xvid.mp3 and generic.mp4.h264.aac - no divx!

I was plowing through the threads here trying to find an answer to my question above but all I found kinda confused me.
For instance, I’ve learned that around Sep-Oct last year, DivX encoding was not available.
These days, on the official site, it’s stated that DVD to Mobile feature is capable to “Convert DVD title to PC MPEG-4/DivX/XVID/H.264 AVI/MP4 file”. So I’m assuming that encoding to DivX is possible now.
The problem is, there’s nowhere to find.

Furthermore, I’ve looked on my HDD under DVDFab Platinum 3\Profiles and I found all the profiles displayed in the interface. The thing is, there’s no profile there for generic.avi.divx.audiocopy.xml which I assume would be set the options for DivX encoding. I’ve tried creating one (using the xvid as an example) but it crashed the DVDFab…

Anybody have an answer/solution for this? Do I have to (re)/install something else?
Thanks in advance.

I assume you would have to install the DivX codec, but beyond that I have no idea. If you have the latest version of DVDFab Platinum and it won’t work, Ting, the author of this part of Platinum, would probably have to answer. User GregRocket is a whiz with the profiles, maybe he will see this and post a suggestion.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I thought about that too initially.
Yet I’ve checked, and I do have the DivX codec already installed on my machine (v. 6.4).

Then pray for Ting or GregRocket.:bigsmile: Wish I could be of more help. If I hear from either of them I will send them here, so check back for replies. Others with expertise in this area may post as well. And if you find a solution, please post it here for others with the same question.

Ting or GregRocket… Guys… Any ideas?
Is there anybody that actually can encode using DivX?

Have you tried to install again the DivX codec? Maybe this solve :slight_smile:

i don’t see how/why that will work, but i’ll try it tonite - like u said, u never know :wink: thanks!

If something messed up codecs, a reinstall usually solve these issues :slight_smile:

the reason i was skeptical about the reinstall, was based on what i read about dvdfab: [I]it’s not using any external codecs, everything is embedded[/I].
also, Ting was suggesting on this forum that they intend to support external codecs in the near future.
anyway, i thought i’ll give it a shot and i’ve tried reinstalling the DivX codec over the weekend. i still have the same problem… :confused:
thanks again though for the suggestion.

Bump… any updates to the DIVX question…I also would like to get the movies out in DIvx and not Xvid due to hassles I have with my streaming media player struggling with Xvid but playing Divx with no issues…

Can someone actually confirm if DVDFAB will write files in Divx or not though …if not we can stop worrying about it and put it on the enhancements list… :smiley:

To exclude a software problem, have you tried to use AutoGK to create your avi?

If also with AutoGK you still have problems with codecs, then there is something wrong somewhere in your computer. Maybe a fresh install could solve all :frowning:

I might be over simplfying this BUT, I think the question is just this “Is DVDFAB Platinum capable of creating a DIVX file” The answer is a simple yes it can or no it can’t.

If the answer is yes, then he has a problem with codecs or something else. If it can’t then no point pursuing it here.

The reason why I suggested to try a different software is to discover what is the not working software.

If a different software is able to create an avi, then the problem is dvdfab platinum, and codecs are working correctly.

If also with a different software it is not possible to create an avi, then dvdfab platinum is not the cause of the problem :wink:

OK…let me just simply ask this then. If you have all the relevant codecs, you have the proper DIVX program installed, is DVDFab capable of then making DIVX from within its program (YES or NO). I do not see an option t select this.

My main reason for asking this is I would just like to use 1 program ONLY…

Currently, no. But DiVX 6.4 plays DVDFab’s Xvid AVIs flawlessly. Is there any way to upgdate/upgrade the software in the device you’re using? A real DiVX branded codec would probably mean a price increase for DVDFab, which I imagine the developers would sooner avoid since for many users it’s not needed. The external codec solution would let users buy and use their own codecs if the ones that come with the application aren’t what they need.

Thanks Signals…short and concise… Wish I could get the software in the Philips device i have upgraded but they are being arsey about it so not getting much joy there but at least the question is answered…

One question leads to another though but dont want to clutter up this thread with it…

Sorry it wasn’t better news. I am helping a DVDFab user in Wales who is having problems with a Philips standalone DVD recorder; their customer service has shown him no love either.

Not accused of that very often.:slight_smile:

I too would like DivX support. I have a Hauppauge Media MVP player that supports Mpeg-2 and DivX only (not Xvid, H.264, etc)… I also noticed what the website for DVDFab Plat states… [I][B]DivX[/B][/I]. Don’t mean to sound rude, but I like DVDFab Plat (recommend it to others); however I don’t like mis-representation!!! If it says DivX support, it should support it (or at least remove it from the features/spec sheets). So, now I use DVDFab Plat to rip to disk, then Xilisoft to encode to DivX. Although the end result has a few issues. I would ideally like a single ‘click’ method, not multiple programs, etc.

FYI… The Xvid worked for the PC…

DVDFab uses its own codecs internally. There is much discussion about supporting external codecs but as of yet, as far as I know, that has not happened.

So if that is the case, it doesn’t matter if you have divx installed when encoding a project. Talking encoding not playback. DVDFab doesn’t use any external codec pack to encode.

Could be wrong of course. But as far as I know this is the case.

I have DivX Pro installed on my PC and it plays DVDFab’s Xvid AVIs with no problem; the DiVx codec plays the files, which for me satisfies the “DivX support” claim on the website. Note that DivX support is not necessarily Hauppauge support; my cellphone claims to support MP4, 3GP and several other types of video files but will only actually play a narrowly characterized subset of each type, not anything with the right file suffix that I stuff into it. This may be the case with your player as well. Perhaps Hauppauge tech support could tell you more. A slight adjustment on the Configure screen or in one of the profiles might be all you need.