Converting to AVI, Is it really that difficult?

I’ve been recording TV shows using Windows Media Center (WMC) and an ATI All-In-Wonder TV tuner card. I then convert the resulting .wtv files to .dvr-ms files with the following commands:

cd \   
cd windows   
cd ehome   
WTVConverter "D:\Recorded TV\*.wtv" "D:\Recorded TV"  
del "D:\Recorded TV\*.wtv"

The code above is contained in a .cmd file that is executed automatically every time WMC produces a .wtv file. Since the .wtv and .dvr-ms files are so hughe ( some 3 GB for a 1 hour file), I have tried to convert the .dvf-ms files into AVIs.

I’ve used WTV to AVI from Dvrsoft. This app does work but: a) it looks like an excuse to charge $29.50 for an app that does the same thing the code above does for free, the resulting AVI is of poor quality, and my Philips DV Player does not play them because of some codec issue. The only real advantage of this app is its command line feature, which is what really attracted me to it in the first place.

I’ve also used AVS Video Converter 6 from AVS4YOU. This one does a good job of converting to AVI but lacks a native command line feature.

As you will appreciate, all I want to do is convert my .dvr-ms files to AVI with a command line app; nothing else. I lack the technical knowledge to use FFMPEG to solve this problem. Any guidance will be appreciated. Thanks!!!

Take a look at AVI DeMux. I don’t use media center, but if it can read the files, it can convert them. As a bonus, you can edit out commercials and other annoyances before converting.

Xmedia is one of my favourite freeware for targeting a specific player, such as a Sony Walkman, iPod, etc. While it will open individual files, I’m not sure if it handles the WTV format.

With all the pay DVD to AVI, iPhone, etc. products being spammed all over the place (often as “Guides” to promote the product), I wouldn’t be surprised if most are just this product being given a GUI make-over and sold under a different name.

XMedia Recode Link.