Converting to 700mb didn't work!

I am trying to convert a movie, into a 700mb avi file, so i can put on a 700mb disc. I did the Generic, then went to conversion someth’n i forget at the bottom of the FAB 5 box, and put the file size to 700mb, but the file came out at 725mb any ideas?


Thanks for your report, I will check this problem, and let the output size more exactly.

Alright i got the size of the file to work, by putting the fixed file size down to 675 and it came out right around 700mb i think 697mb or so, witch is a plus. After i got it around the right size i burnt it on a 700mb disc, and put the disc in my dvd player for my tv. The dvd player said the codec was not recognized. ( if i said it wrong some how i meant the recode that dvdfab plat. puts when u convert.) Any help would b appreciated. Oh and my dvd player says dvdx on it. Witch i believe means it can play avi files. Thanks again.