Converting TIVO shows to DVD with DVDFAB?

Hi everyone -

I’m looking for a a free program (one which doesn’t put their web address in the middle of the video like CuCusoft’s program) which will convert the shows i have from the TIVO on my PC to a format which DVDFAB will recognize so I can make a couple of DVDs.

I did use the program (DirectShow Dump is a free utility to extract the content of .TiVo files as unprotected MPEGs) that is listed on this page.

I networked my Tivo to the PC - downloaded the Tivo desktop and transferred what shows I wanted to my PC - I then used the DirectShow program to extract the files as unprotected MPEGS. Now I guess I need one more step - but I hope that the program I need is free and with no advertisements in the shows I want to save to DVD.

Thanks for your help!

WinDVD Creator should be able to handle that. It came free on a notebook, and comes free with some burners also. It is slow as molasses. I’m sure there are others that are pure freeware, I just have never looked since I don’t have a TiVo or a need to process MPEG-2 files except as the way they come on DVDs.

Well, I found one that will work - right on my PC - Nero :slight_smile: Worked like a charm. Thanks for your reply.

That’s great and I’m glad the free part of the solution worked out too.:slight_smile: Almost every PC comes with something free that will do that nowadays. Have fun with it. How is the picture quality (compared to a DVD)?