Converting three m4a files to an audio cd image



Could someone guide this lost soul to some good software ? I’ve read that Nero can do it but I hate the thoughts of installing that monster. I have burning program installed, but I need to convert and combine m4a files onto the same audio CD.

Thanks in advance for the help :bow:


Convert them into WAVe format and burn it to CDDA.

Maybe Burrrn can open them and burn it for you.


I guess my problem is that I need help finding a m4a to wav file converter. After that I’m okay creating the Audio CD.

Burrrn doesn’t seem to mention that it handles m4a files.

I’m looking for recommendations on a good quality audio conversion program.


Does winamp play them? You can use the Winamp discwriter plugin to convert them to .wav and practically any decent Burner software to write tham to audio cd :wink:
Quick and easy :slight_smile:

Here is a freeware audiocd burning program, if you don’t have one & refuse to use the behemoth :wink:
No guarantees on program quality though, I’ve never used it :wink:
CDburner XP pro is also freeware and does audio cd’s.


I did some searching and found an audio file converter by Xilisoft that did the conversion to wav. I then used UltraIso to create the Audio CD file from the wav files and then Alcohol 120% to burn the Audio CD file to CD disk.

It took three steps/programs to get what I wanted but the quality seems excellent and I didn’t use up half my hard drive installing Nero.

Thanks for the suggestions, it got me motivated to take a rather long but successful route. At least I knew what was going on every step of the way. Some of these all-in-one solutions make a lot of assumptions and if one part doesn’t work the whole project fails. I’ve always had good luck with UltraIso and Alcohol 120% on my computer so all I really needed was the conversion program, and now I have that too. Thank you Xilisoft.