Converting SV 2000 WV10D6 dvd recorder to region free

:DRewcently I bought SV 2000 dvd recorder manufactured by Funai. I want to make it region free. On Videohelp website i found some instruction, but ufortunate partialy working only.

  1. push cs on remote control then # 123 - Firmware version -code working
  2. push cs on rc then 250 - self tests - code working
  3. Hit Cs then 650 ( where 0 is region free) , unfortunately this code is not working. Maybe something else needs to be done or code is wrong. If someone know how to make above recorder region free please share this information. Your’s help will be greately appreciate

You aren’t getting any answers in the Newbie forum Maniek, so I’m moving your thread to the dvd recorder section in hopes someone can help you there.