Converting Series DVDs to Xvid/Divx

If I want to backup a season of X-files that I own to xvid how do I do this? I know how to backup a movie using xvid (I use GK and AutoGK), but my problem is this:

Each episode doesn’t have it’s own vob file. For example part of episode 1 will be one vob and another part on a different file.

So in order for me to make an xvid file of a single ep I have to either convert everything to xvid and split it into segments or try to join the vobs and split them into episodes and then convert those to xvid.

I would like an easier and more effective way to do this? Does anyone know how?

Thanks, Jonathan.

Well, heres how I do it…

DVDDecrypter stage:

  1. Hit I for ifo mode.
  2. 95% of the time each PGC is one episode; click on the first pgc, go to stream tab and demux the m2v and the audio.


  1. Run DGIndex on the m2v, name your d2v xvid.d2v .


  1. Make an avisynth script something like this:

LoadPlugin("C:\Documents and Settings\MLS\Desktop\DVDRip\Program Files\DGDecode\DGDecode.dll") 
LoadPlugin("C:\Documents and Settings\MLS\Desktop\DVDRip\Program Files\Avisynth

VirtualDubMod (Initial Setup):

  1. Open the avs in VirtualDubMod.
  2. CTRL-P, choose XviD, configure menu.
  3. Load defaults.
  4. Setup like so:


I use BeSweet to encode ac3 to mp3.

Make sure you set the size in VdubMod to the size you want minus the audio size. So do audio first.

Finally, mux audio/video with nandub. Load the video, select direct stream copy in video tab, select audio type in audio tab and save.

Hope this helps, it was kind of a throw together so I mightve missed something.