Converting Ripped AVI files

I have been using ConvertXtoDVD 3 for the past few weeks and it has been working great. At least, for my downloaded movies. However, when I rip my old DVDs onto my computer and try and convert them, it doesn’t work. I get everything ready, and when I press “Convert” it shows the progress bar, and nothing else happens. No preview, no progression, nothing. The video is AVI format, so I don’t see what the problem is.


How and with what are you ripping your old ones?

I’m using a program called Magic DVD Ripper and I have a DVD-R/RW drive.

Magic will output dvd’s so why are you even using convertxtodvd on them?

It does, but it doesn’t allow you to make menus like ConvertX.

You should buy the movie and try again!

No help with illegal downloads!

Wow, thanks for automatically assuming I’m a pirate.

Try using formatfactory, its a free app that can convert video files to just about any format. Try converting your avi to maybe mpeg, and then use convertx2dvd. I had a similar problem with a couple of avi files once, and once I converted them to mpeg and then used convertx2dvd it worked fine.