Converting ratDVD -> DivX

I have been spending hours trying to convert a ratdvd to divx. At first it isn’t possible to use a Frameserver like AviSynth etc. Now I tried to first convert back to DVD in order to convert to divx from that.
But I can’t manage to get the DVD-Structure. After conversion ratdvd says “Convert successful”, CD-burning failed.
Now I have in my target-directory a file without an extension. What should I do with this file? I tried to rename it to .iso, .mpg, .vob, .bin without any Results.
Any hints?

sounds like the error I had.


Nice Tool!

I’ve tried out last night, and first I was a little bit confused: During decoding to a normal DVD, only a single file was created.

I recognized a little bug during selection of target folder: If there is no backslash at the end, just a single file will be created… Adding a backslash, ratDVD creates the VOB-Files in selected folder.

Hope the information is helpful!


That’s it. Thank you!