Converting rar files

Hi all, i have just been given a dvd in rar format, i would like to know how i can convert this so i can watch in dvd format…I am so stuck and havent a clue what i need to do, would be much help if someone could let me know what i need to do…Dont know where 2 start so from the beggining would be very helpful…

Many thanks


If these are the only rar files you will be dealing with, you can download the trial version of winrar to view the contents. Winrar can be found here:

Good tool to have, so if you deal with compressed files very often its worth buying the full version.

Once you have them uncompressed, you can use the files however you wish. Leave them on the hard disk, burn to new dvd, etc.

i already have that…I have figured out what i needed to do…Thanks any way…Also how do i convert files into just one compressed document… Ie 2 files (2 parts of DVD) from a dvd into just the one??? would be much appreciated :slight_smile: