Converting ram files to MP3


I recently downloaded an demo audio file from a wed site. The file is in ram and i’m need to use real player to play it. What I was wondering is if it possible to convert that audio file into an MP3 so I can play it on my MP3 player.

Thanx to all for your responses!

I’ve never heard of a “ram” file. Are you sure that it is not a “rar” file? :confused:
You can use a free program called “7Zip” to open a rar. file. As for converting it to MP3 all depends on what format it is after opening it with 7Zip or WinRar. WinAmp would be my first sugestion. There are quite a few free programs around for converting audio and video files. :iagree:

Surely he refers to realmedia .ram files…

Oh yea. :o

Just google on convert .ram to mp3. You’ll get lots of hits.