Converting question

this might not be the right thread to ask this question but I will give it a shot.
I downloaded a movie yesterday, in DivX avi could be an mpg I am not sure, bit anyway, it is Divx and when I tried to use either dvdsanta or nero to encode it to burn to dvd it just kept closing on me. Nero did tell me the file was more PAL then NTSC but I told it to keep it at NTSC and it shut down. I didn’t try again telling it to keep it PAL, it don;t really matter to me what format I can manage to get this burnt as I can play both in my player, but right now I can only watch it in one player because it is just burnt as the divx avi file.

My question is… is there any software out there that can convert this Divx file from PAL to NTSC so I can burn it to a DVD and be able to watch it on just about any player?? In the meantime I will try to encode it keeping it as PAL but any thoughts on how I can do this??

I am not new to most of this software, but this is the first time I have come across this problem…and I am not much of a poster.

Thanks in advance for any help.

When you say you downloaded it, where did you download it from?
Many files downloaded from the internet (unless it is a pay site), can have all sorts of problems, including file format, virus’s, not to mention the legality of it. If the file is legal, and you want to see what format it actually is, you can download G-SPot, and run it against the file to determine the file specs.

that sure made for an interesting google search :eek: but I expected that

yes it was from a legal paysite, I will try running this g-spot and see what information I can get from it.

thank you so much

Then read their rules again, because they surely don’t allow converting such material.

From pal to ntsc…simple…ConvertX2Dvd…if u just wanna convert to Dvd w/o cross formatting…Freebie called Avi2Dvd…works like a charm

U can try xilisoft avi to dvd converter,it can import several avi files to it,then u just need to click one button to complete the creation of DVD. The most important is, before u begin to create DVD, u can select the DVD format in Preference, for example, NTSC, just as u wish. Hope u like it !