Converting pal to ntsc?

I know it is a pain in the butt to do … but I would to have the ability and knowledge to do this. I have a Tmpge 8 in 1 disc but i think is a bit older 2-3 years i figure … Tmpge that can do this?

TMPGEnc can, I assume you’re talking about dvd compliant MPG files ? I’m not sure if there will be any significant loss in quality by doing this.

What I currently have are the VOB … etc. files. I have the Tmpge like I said but I cant find anything in there to give the option to do this conversion. Many time it refers to input file and tells the properties of the movie, but nowhere do I see anything referring to an ouput or finished product where I have been able to convert these files to ntsc. I know it’s there some where and it’s quite frustrating not being able to find it. I pride myself in usually being able to figure these things out on my own with a little research … but alas the procedure is eluding me, so I come to the best place on the planet to get some insight. Thanx