Converting PAL to NTSC with the current software?

Does anyone know if you use these programs, if they will convert a PAL disc to NTSC?

DVD Decrypter
DVD X Copy
Clone DVD 2
DVD Shrink
DVD Region Free

I’m not sure about all of them but I think they all will have the same issue. The parameters that make PAL and NTSC what they are have to be set when the media is encoded into mpeg2. This has to happen before the DVD is authored. So to convert from NTSC to pal or vice versa you have to do the following.

Convert the DVD to a Mpeg or AVI.
re encode the file to mpeg2 using PAL or ntsc settings, resolution, fps etc…
author the file back to DVD

I have done this using the following apps

  1. dvd2avi
  2. canopus procoder
  3. sonic REElDVD.

I have yet to see an all in one app that can do this.


DVD2SVCD with CCE as the encoder can rip the dvd (main movie ONLY) to your HD, encode to dvdr size, convert NTSC to PAL or PAL to NTSC, convert the audio, author to a VIDEO_TS folder ready to burn with your favourite software. Read the tutorial, its all in there.

The only guide I can find is “PAL <->NTSC conversion with Nero Vision Express2”

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Hey! There’s nothing wrong with that guide :bigsmile: Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink.
It worked for me. :slight_smile:

of course, I’m biased. I wrote it. :iagree:

I think I’ll test out the CCE way of doing things too.

Can you use Nero Vision Express2 with a standard DVD (Matrix for instance)? Or do you have to make your own menu system?

Using my guide, you’re completely re-authoring it. So you set the chapters & make your own custom menu with animated buttons if you wish.

I’ve tried all the guides, have never been completely satisfied with the results, especially for a action scenes. The Philips DVP642 will do the conversion for you, and play your divx files to boot :slight_smile: That was my solution…

I have 4 units that will play both PAL and NTSC. I can always just take the PAL disc, put it on one of my Region Free/PAL Converting players and back the disc up to my Panasonic E80 home DVD-Recorder and make the NTSC copy that way. I was hoping that there was an easier way to do it on the PC other than doing it in real time with my home recorder.

Doing it in real time with your home recorder sounds the absolute simplest hardware solution to me, any software solution is going to take substantially longer and much more complex.