Converting pal to ntsc codec

i have a movie i got from a torrent. it says it has more pal then ntsc and wants to burn it using pal. i started using dvd santa to burn movies that have more pal then ntsc. it converts the whole movie to ntsc and you can’t tell it has been converted. when i go to use dvd santa on this particular movie , i go to add files and select the movie, after i select it just shows the sample of the movie and screenshots. it don’t show the movie. nero shows the whole movie but has poor conversion . why don’t dvd santa show the movie and how can i get the movie to come up in dvd santa or is it possible. thanks for any help

                                JACK SKRILLA

Ugh, do you believe in this? Whoever that wrote/said anyway???

Brwose for guides.

My solution for things like this is to have a player with no region or PAL or NTSC. They come in very handy.