Converting PAL DVD to Film MKV

I’m converting a DVD (Can’t Stop the Music) to MKV via the manual method but I also want to change the framerate to 24fps. The source is progressive PAL. It’s been a while since I backed up anything to AVI or Matroska so I just wanted to make sure I’m doing this right:

What I’m thinking is that I have to add “Decimate(cycle=25)” to my AviSynth script and change framerate from 25000 to 24000 in BeSweet, this should then drop the extra frame from the video and slow down the audio to be in sync. Can anyone confirm that I’m going about this the correct way or if I’m making any mistakes or have forgotten something?

Well I can already spot my first obvious mistake; if I’m wanting to convert this to film then the framerate is 23.976fps not 24fps. I don’t actually know how to do that in AviSynth although I think VirtualDub can do it. Not a big deal to change the audio.

EDIT: I guess I should just use something like DGpulldown. How stupid of me.

Cant you just use “changefps=23.976” to convert to 23.976? If you loaded up from MPEG2Source from a DVD2AVI project the original FPS will be detected anyway, and as it is progressive you wont need to deinterlace. Or you could use the “assumefps=23.976” and then slow down the audio using besweet, meaning around 4% slower video and speech.


Yeah the idea is to slow it down so it’s the same as it would have been in the theatre, although I haven’t actually checked the running time so there’s no guarantee that that this was the method used to convert it to PAL. So yes you’re correct, AssumeFPS would be the most appropriate method (I think). It has been a while since I’ve used AviSynth so I’m kinda rusty.