Converting old Sony DRU-500A to USB 2.0 Need Suggestions

I am currently looking at the ADS USBX-804 Enclosure for both HDD and CD/DVD drives. Since the drive only writes at 4X…figured that this enclosure should work OK. I intend to use the drive on my Toshiba Laptop (2.4 GHZ with all USB 2.0 Ports on it). Any other suggestions for enclosures that are readily available. The ADS is $59 at my local Fry’s

Thanks in advance


Got the ADS Enclosure with the Cypress AT2 Chipset. Using the enclosure with my Toshiba Laptop and Sony DRU-500A DVD drive…4X burns are no concern…seems to work very well. Did two 4X burns in 14:45 and am now backing up my entire HDD of the laptop to the Sony using Ghost 9…working great. I guess the moral of the story is that many chipsets don’t support burning faster than 12X. For what I need my old Sony drive for…this enclosure does work.


Prolific chipset with new firmare supports 12x DVD using USB2 on my laptop & 16x DVD on firewire.

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