Converting .OGM to .AVI

I have around 25 video files in OGM container format and i want to convert them into something more compatible. So i’m looking for a program that would take all the OGM files and convert them to AVI without transcoding. The OGM streams contain subtitles, i want those to be stored as separate .srt files.

So can you recommend me a simple program that is able to convert all those files in one step ? I know VirtualDubMod is able to demux ogm files, but unfortunately it does not support batch processing…

Oh, and one more thing: the files have to audio streams. Can standalone DVD players play AVIs with multiple audios ?

Thanks for your help in advance :flower:

If you go to, and search for “batch convert ogm”, you will get numerous posts you can view concerning this subject.

No luck :frowning: I found a program called OGMtoAVI, but it can’t directly copy the audiostream, it is transcoding it… Even worse in changed the order of the audio streams, so the resulting avi has the audio-commentary as default

The link listed below, shows seven different tools for OGM.

OGMtoAVI crashed and destroyed the first file I tried it on.