Converting new xvid1.2 smp(gspot) to old xvid for dvd player


The newer xvid formats are not supported by my lg dvd player so I was thinking about converting a newer version of a xvid file to an older one.
I have googled but everything seems to be about converting divx to dvd format which i dont want as I can get more films on a disc with xvid.

So is there any software that converts newer xvid version to an older version?

thanks for your time

Martin N

You could try to install FFDshow for decoding the newest one and encoding your destination old xvid file with virtualdub for example :slight_smile:

This should work :slight_smile:

You can too try to find a firmware update of your dvd player, and/or perhaps your xvid which is not playing has just options your player doesn’t handle (gmc for example)

Sure my answer is too late, but anyway, if it can help :cool: