Converting Nero Image?

I have a nero image (nrg) that for some reason will not burn to disc.
Is there some tool out there that will help me diagnose what might
be wrong with it? I tired to us MagicISO to convert it to an ISO but
MagicISO did not like the file either. Any ideas?

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What happen exactly? Do you get an error? What software are you using to burn that NRG file? What burner? What discs?

I am using Nero6, the nrg image file I got “from a friend” and I am not sure what
version was used to make it. When I burn the image to a CD, Nero says it completes
with no errors but windows does not recognize the CD. I will have to check what kind
of burner I have when I get home.

It could be related to the NRG file contents. What it is exactly?

There were certain earlier versions of Nero 6 that created corrupt NRG images, can’t recall precisely which versions though.

You could install Daemon Tools or some other virtual CD app & try to mount it.

ISOBuster might help as well.

The contents is audio (wav) files

I tried the virtual image drive that comes with Nero6, but it crashes my machine
when I try to mount the image!

That rather suggests that it’s a corrupt image. I’d get the friend to do another as an ISO image rather than NRG format. I think the bad Nero version was perhaps or around there.

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