Converting Napster protected tracks to OGG format

Can anyone help me with some software that is able to cope with protected tracks? My burner doesn’t seem to want to work with Napster and if I burn a cd any other way I get terrible crackles. I’m desperate to convert the tracks I purchased from Napster to ogg format or at least unprotect them so I can play them on my MP3 player, but the software i normally use to convert tracks can’t read the encoding Napster uses.

Thanks in advance,

I think this is not legal, and you have also accepted the terms of usage when using Napster…

So I have bought tracks that I have to be chained to the pc to listen to? No wonder people download illegally. They don’t make it easy do they?

I’m not up-to-speed in audio transfer with DRM protected tracks, but can’t you record the output of your soundcard to a .wav file while the track is playing? You wouldn’t be circumventing protection because there isn’t any at that point. You also wouldn’t get the original digital unencrypted track either but the quality would surely be good enough for conversion and listening to on an mp3 player.

There’s a tiny little thread ( that talks about removing the DRM from audio files.

Bottom line: MuvAudio or Tunebite. I like Tunebite personally.

No. If you have a proper MP3 player, it will play the Napster tracks. If it’s a cheapo Chinese player or an iPod then you’re out of luck.